Reasons You Should Invest In Cisco phone

“How do you feel when your phone goes unanswered? Worse yet, how does it make you feel when a customer can’t get through to speak to a representative? These are all questions that business owners have thought about and that is why many of them choose Cisco phones. The Cisco phone system offers many benefits for businesses, including the ability to manage calls from anywhere in the world.” 

As a business owner, you need to master the art of communication. Whether it’s with your customers or team members; being able convey ideas and information effectively is key! To help do this successfully we offer phones like Cisco phones because they enable everyone in an office space communicate well without cutting off from each other. With these devices on hand every member will be able talk clearly at any given time–making sure there are no misunderstandings which lead too much confusion amongst colleagues about what needs done next. The best part? These products cost less than most cell phone plans so even if someone has expensive tastes doesn’t have trouble affording one either 😊

Cisco phones setup guide 

  1. Find the Cisco IP phone you need. 
  2. Connect your computer to the network with an Ethernet cable. 
  3. Install Cisco software on your computer. 
  4. Activate your license key for the software by entering it into a dialogue box that appears when you first open it. 
  5. Download and install any updates recommended by Cisco for your specific model of phone before connecting it to power or plugging in its USB cord. 
  6. Plug in all phones, making sure they are turned off before inserting their power cords into an outlet. 

How to configure cisco phones 

In order to configure Cisco phones, you will need the following: a computer that is connected to the Internet, your Cisco phone and an Ethernet cable. First step is to open up your web browser and type in “” into the address bar of your web browser; this should bring up a login screen for your router or modem (the company who provided you with internet service). Log in with the password which was given to you by them and click on “Network” from within their settings menu at the top of page. Next, scroll down until you see “VoIP Settings” and click on it then check mark next to SIP ALG under VoIP Service Providers section. After that just save changes so this will automatically configure your network settings for calls over IP based networks! 

Technical tips to configure cisco phones 

  1. Make sure the caller ID is correct. 
  2. Configure your speed dials. 
  3. Set up a conference call with more than two people using Cisco’s WebEx Connect
  4. Use the auto attendant to greet callers and direct them to an appropriate extension. 
  5. Transfer calls by pressing “*” on your phone keypad and following the prompts. 
  6. Record a message for your voicemail greeting by entering *99 from any extension, then press “#”. 

5 great ways to use cisco phones 

  1. A cisco phone can be used as a walkie-talkie. 
  2. You can use your cisco phone to record conversations with clients. 
  3. A cisco phone is an excellent way for remote workers to stay connected. 
  4. Cisco phones are great for conference calls because they have the ability to display the names of all participants on their screens. 
  5. Cisco phones allow you to make and receive international calls without any additional charges or fees. 

Fun things you can do with a Cisco phone 

  1. Use the phone as a speakerphone. 
  2. Use the phone as a calculator or timer. 
  3. Switch to silent mode and use vibration instead of ringing for notifications. 
  4. Download an app that will let you change your background on your home screen. 
  5. Change up your ringtone, notification sounds, and alarms to something fun like “I’m Lovin’ it” or “Happy Birthday”.
  6. Create shortcuts for calling specific people, such as 911 or other emergency numbers, family members, etc., by assigning different colors to their names in the contacts list.
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